Freitag, 26. August 2011

Science Fiction floor - Modular modeling

WIP of my 3D Modeling Examination. I have to build a SciFi floor with modular pieces, 75.000 Tris & 3 Textures Packs (Diff, Spec, Norm, Glow, etc) with a size of 2048 pixes are allowed. The usage of realtime shaders isnt asked, will be (mental ray) rendered at the end.

Final blockout. Tricount is 38.238 at the moment, so I´ve many space for additonal modules, the length, maybe an opened door etc.

The highpoly. Not sure about any single detail, some meshes are still  lowpoly´s

Another version of my wall module. Got to add a frame for the vent.

Close up of my door.

Dienstag, 2. August 2011

Duesenberg SJ Speedster Weymann - Final Highpoly

Finished the HP of my Duesenberg. Got to complete the interior parts and afterwards some close up renderers & wires will follow. Also heading for the engine and of cos the game-mesh.

Mental Ray reflection test of my final highpoly :D
Smoothed 2 times

Mental Ray reflection test of my final highpoly :D
Smoothed 2 times

the wires..reduced turbo-smooth iterations to 1 for better cognizability.

Different versions of it, body-paint, exhaust, rims, bumbers, front window, roof, front lights and some other parts are alterable.
Working on the dashboard and some additional interior parts. Also have to sculpt the roof in Mudbox.