Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

Compound Bow - Highpoly - Part 2

Don't know why I wasted much time with mental ray rendering, while 3dsMax 2014 comes along with a very beautiful viewport shading, so as I said is softened my edges and create another shot of my sight.

Montag, 13. Januar 2014

Compound Bow - Highpoly - Part 1

So here is my current project, a compound-bow (Hoyt Ruckus). Not everything is finished yet, have to soften many of my edges, some smoothing issues also, and some parts aren't even finish with modeling.

Anyway, I'm quite confident with my progress, most difficult shapes I've modeled so far. Already learned a few things about meshflow and highpoly modelling.

 So here're the pic's:

Sonntag, 4. August 2013

Steampunk R2D2 - Final Asset

Finally I found the time and pleasure to finish my little friend here.

Idea of design comes the original model of "amoebaboy".

Watch the R2 on deviantart
And / or visit his BLOG

So here are the pics. Enjoy :)


Highpoly - Mental Ray rendered

Montag, 1. April 2013

Modular Cathedral - Update 10

Barely blocked out a window module for the outer wall and created a center-segment for my ceiling. Also reworked my textures a bit.

Samstag, 30. März 2013

Modular Cathedral - Update 9

Progress! Only a small update today (neeeeeeed moar time!!!!) Started with the ceiling and played around with my major-layout. Not 100% sure about anything, still testing around :)

Next two days are free and will be full-nerd days. Stay prepared for the next update on monday :)

Samstag, 9. März 2013

Modular Cathedral - Update 7

I've reworked my Gate. Also created a bunch of new segments and tested them in UDK. I got asked for my normalmap import settings and material setup, so I post it here.
Some highpoly-sculpts can be found too.


Freitag, 8. März 2013

Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Montag, 4. März 2013

Modular Cathedral - Update 3


Finished the first modules and throwed it into UDK. Holes and z-fighting everywhere, lots of stuff is still do to. Everything is work in progress of course...

Complete scene is rendered with 2 tileable materials, 4096 Px textures, wohooo :D

Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Modular Cathedral - Update 2

First time I get my hands on DX11 Tessellation, and yeah... its a bit buggy but makes a lot of fun to play with.
Some of the holes which appears when using Tessellation can be fixed by smart modeling, for other issues I've to wait for a fix from Epic Games or Nvidia.

I've overdone the Tess. effect very much, so you can clearly see whats happening. Sorry for low-res screengrabs, will post some nice one when I've got some more modules and my first basic level setup around.

Anyway, started with the diffuse too. I give a fuck about polycounts and texutre sizes, higres first, optimizing afterwards :p

Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013

Modular Cathedral - Start

The beginning of a modular system I'm working on. Just got my first tileable texture baked. Not really satisfied yet, got to give it another iteration.

Freitag, 30. November 2012

R2 D2 - Texturing.....nearly finished

Finally found some time to continue the work on this little guy. Messed up my wood texture, got to remake it. Dirt/scratches/rust completely missing, also gloss map isn't created yet.

Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Sig Sauer P226 - WIP Basemesh

Working on a Sig Sauer P226 Rail edition. 

Non optimized basemesh, many supporting edges and mostly just shaped the body. Currently closing the last holes and adding any geometry detail I want to include in my lowpoly afterwards. 

Just love to work with basemeshes, so easy to create high and lowpoly from it ♥

Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

R2 D2 - AO Bake

I was in the need of a place to upload this image, so I've chosen my blog. Just the baked AO in the diffuse channel.

Samstag, 7. April 2012

Steampunk R2 D2 - Lowpoly + Normal

My current project:

I've seen some photos of a steampunked R2D2 on 9gag and later on devianart, so I've decided to do that as a CG model in case that the refs are realistic models.

This is what happens so far, some little details are missing, some parts need to be rebaked. Something around 10000 Tris (damn cylindrical shapes) and a 2k texture.

Prsented with 3dsMax using Xoliulshader 1.6